Trademark Licence

The Buy New Zealand Made Campaign is a not-for-profit, privately-funded organisation that is all about providing an accountable and trusted brand that promotes New Zealand Made products. The stylised Kiwi trademark is available for businesses that obtain a licence through the Buy NZ Made Campaign to label or in conjunction with products and services that are made or grown in New Zealand.

The Benefits:

When you obtain a licence to use the iconic Kiwi Trademark on your NZ Made products, not only do you reap the rewards from using a trusted country of origin brand, but we also provide you with the following:

  • Trademark – all licensees receive a Certificate of Licence have access to download the iconic Kiwi trademark to use on products, on their website and in any other form or advertising or marketing material. Licensees are also able to purchase pre-printed stickers and swing tags.
  • Marketplace Listing – all licensees receive a free listing on our BuyNZ Online Market which can link back to their own websites. List your company along with three product listings that can be used for your promotions, different product ranges or just a single product.
  • Promotion – the campaign provides promotion to licensees through our social media channels and through a monthly e-newsletter.
  • Accountability – there are procedures in place for consumers and other companies to be able to question a product being labelled as New Zealand Made if it carries the Kiwi Trademark. This provides a piece of mind for our licensees, knowing that they have our support.

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