A nation of pet lovers

12 January 2018

Pets are a significant part of many households, particularly in New Zealand where 64% of households are home to a pet. According to The New Zealand Companion Animal Council*, this gives New Zealand the second highest rate of animal companion ownership in the world behind the United States.

Pets are playing a greater role in our lives too; as many developed countries experience falling birth rates and changing attitudes towards pets, they are becoming greater valued members of the family, not just the household. Subsequently, the billion dollar pet industry in New Zealand plays an important part in the FMCG sector with pet food, treats, toys, and other products being snatched up in consumers’ weekly shops.

With the increasing awareness amongst New Zealand consumers about the importance of their pet’s health and well-being, it’s no surprise total expenditure on our pets is increasing. Did you know our adored pets can be beneficial to our health and well-being too, helping to reduce stress, anxiety and lower blood pressure?

Luckily, New Zealand has an abundance of products for servicing (and serving) our furry, finned and feathered friends, particularly amongst increasingly popular premium and niche pet care brands.

This includes natural and organic pet food - raw, canned and dried. Zeal is one brand utilising the quality agricultural ingredients New Zealand has to offer for their range of natural pet food. New Zealand made treats, such as Newflands Hoki Bites sustainably fished off the coast of New Zealand will improve your pet’s coats, joints and health in general.

Pacific Organics create a selection of organic pet treats, including seasonal treats, ensuring your dog can enjoy those special occasions with the family such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter and Halloween. If you prefer your pets to enjoy a raw diet, companies like Raw Essentials can not only provide a wide range of raw pet food, but information and support on raw feeding.

Beyond pet food, there are plenty of other pet products shoppers will be looking for in their regular shopping trips, such as toys, clothing, bedding, toiletry and healthcare products. With the quality and assurance New Zealand made pet products can provide to caring owners, these are certainly products, and an industry, to look out for.


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*Source: The New Zealand Animal Companion Council - Companion Animals in New Zealand 2016 (http://www.nzcac.org.nz)  

Article initially published in FMCG Business, November 2017