DYC Launches Spring Clever Cleaning Guide

13 September 2016

DYC Vinegar

Send germs and grime packing this spring using a trusted household name and favourite - DYC Vinegar.

In time for ‘spring cleaning’, DYC has launched a new room by room Cleaning Guide using “homemade cleaner” recipes suitable for cleaning everything from ovens and stainless steel appliances through to skirting boards, venetian blinds, tile grout and joinery.

As well as recipes for a multipurpose cleaner, a natural cleaning paste and a window cleaner, the Guide contains decluttering tips for wardrobes, freezers, magazine shelves and bathroom cupboards. It also has a cleaning time guide – showing jobs which can be done in as little as 10 minutes for ease.

In November last year, Consumer New Zealand* found kiwis were wasting money on expensive household cleaners when a homemade batch of white vinegar and baking soda would do a better job in many cases than most manufactured cleaners. It would also produce significant cost savings.

Marketing and Brand Development Manager at Wilson Consumer Products, Susan Harvey, says DYC Vinegar has launched the Guide in response to significant customer query via its clever living website (www.cleverliving.co.nz) which provides tips and recipes for cleaning.

“As they’ve become aware of the efficacy and huge cost savings to be had with a simple cleaning recipe of baking soda, water and DYC vinegar, for example, we’ve been inundated with customers asking for more suggestions and advice.

“We have created a number of ‘how to’ guides which show just how easy it is to not only make your own cleaners but also how beautifully they work. Our new guides are met with thanks, particularly the oven cleaning guide, as consumers are looking for an effective, natural alternative which won’t make their nose hairs curl.

“Being an affordable option and clear in colour, DYC white vinegar is the vinegar of choice for cleaning jobs. It does, of course, have many other purposes in cooking too such as preventing boiled eggs from cracking as well as being a key ingredient in great salad dressings,” she says. 

Harvey expects the new Guide will be popular mostly because DYC is a well-known name trusted for its “quality, value and consistency”.

DYC White Vinegar is distilled, pasteurised and gluten free. It is available at supermarkets nationwide - RRP $3.29. To join Clever Living and sign up for a copy of the DYC Spring Cleaning Guide visit www.cleverliving.co.nz

*Source: Consumer New Zealand, November 2015.