Get your swag on

4 April 2018

When one of our licensees sent us some of the promotional products they’ve been working on recently, we were reminded what a powerful and often underutilised tool these items can be.

Commonly referred to as ‘swag’, promotional products are all about building brand awareness and trust – and what we liked best is that it can be done with New Zealand Made products.

Why is swag so effective?  There are a number of reasons, the most obvious one being that the more familiar your brand is to customers, the more likely they are to reach for your product on the shelves as they feel reassured they’re making a good choice.

This reassurance is not limited to the customer either, because every time they use that branded product in the future, they act as an ambassador for your brand.

The ripple of trust this creates is the same principle that sees the Buy NZ Made logo work so well for our licensees.

Of course, to do this, you need to make sure the promotional merchandise is a good reflection of your brand, and this is where some of the clever ideas and high production standards come in.

A key factor to a successful promotion is delivering something that your customers will find useful. For example, a branded drink bottle is the perfect partner to a sports drink, and popular with many other brands because it’s something almost every household is likely to need. Likewise, a re-usable tote bag answers the growing resistance to plastic bags.

Because much of this merchandise is relatively low-cost, with the ability to order items in bulk, it can become a smart alternative to display advertising. In fact, a 2012 study* by the British Promotional Merchandise Association found that swag delivered a better return than radio and outdoor advertising, and was equal to TV and print.

The BPMA study also found that people keep these products for an average of at least a year, some for up to 4 years, giving you a massive return on what can be a relatively small investment.

These figures are impressive, but again, what impressed us most of all is the fact you can sweeten your brand’s appeal with items that are locally made. Everything from jellybeans and lollipops to drink bottles, frisbees and cardholders, can be produced and printed right here in New Zealand.

In the grand scheme of boosting brand awareness, you won’t be surprised to hear us say we believe that’s one of the most valuable things your business can do. have a selection of New Zealand Made promotional products - search for them here.

*Source: British Promotional Merchandise Association, BPMAResearch 2012

Article initially published in FMCG Business - March 2018