Getting bbq-ready in a flash

27 October 2017

Rumour has it we’ve just endured the coldest winter since 2009, so if you’re finding yourself a little overexcited about the prospect of summer, you know why. And while we can’t speed up its actual arrival, we can at least indulge in some almost-instant summer food, thanks to Buy NZ Made licensees.

Waitoa Free Range offers a selection of high-quality chicken products that has seen them become one of the leading, premium free range chicken brands in the country. They carry the SPCA blue tick for animal welfare, meeting the growing consumer demand for animal welfare. And they meet the all-important taste and convenience test too, meaning you can quickly rustle up something that will impress your family and guests.

That could be as simple as serving up a few sizzling chicken sausages in bread, but for those looking to add something a little different to the mix, Waitoa also has a range of pre-prepared kebabs. The kebabs are available in four taste-bud tempting flavours (Satay Chicken, Honey & Soy, Honey & Rosemary,  and Chipotle & Maple). And of course, you can whip up any flavour you like by dicing up some of Waitoa’s chicken breasts or thighs and adding a quick, flavourful marinade.​

Side dishes are equally simple to cater for, with a quick trip to the frozen aisles for a few fresh frozen products, like Talleys’ hash browns or corn on the cob.

Hash browns are a consistent crowd pleaser, no matter how demanding the crowd. Talley’s are gluten-free, vegetarian, and made from local spuds.  This satisfies on many levels, including the hunger for locally owned and produced goods that are known to be exceptional quality.

Grown in the sunshine-drenched, pure and fertile environment of the South Island, all of Talley’s vegetables are harvested and processed rapidly to preserve the flavour, colour and nutritional content and provide a ‘just picked’ experience.  For produce such as corn on the cob, which would usually only be available from December, this means summer really can start early.

Having such a wide range of high quality fresh and frozen produce year round makes it easy for you to enjoy a long-awaited barbeque, regardless of whether the sunshine’s arrived. So now’s the perfect time to start tempting friends and family with high-quality New Zealand produce and get the best-ever summer season started early.

Waitoa have some great BBQ recipe ideas to get you going, check them out here.

Article initially published in FMCG Business, October 2017