Growth for local brands

12 March 2018

The latest insights from Nielsen* shows much of the growth in the FMCG sector in Asia-Pacific is coming from local brands, a space traditionally dominated by larger multinational brands. Such news might come as a bit of a surprise, but is a result of internal business practices, as well as external factors.

So why the growth amongst local players? Increasing sense of protectionism might play a role, but local players are able to deliver quality products with a strong ground presence and distribution network, but, more importantly – with clear brand values and a clear brand story.

Communicating your brand values and story to consumers increases the emotional connection and loyalty with your brand. This can start with country of origin, so consumers get an understanding of where the product has been produced. If you can, don’t be afraid of listing where each individual ingredient originates from either; consumers appreciate honesty, and it won’t leave them contemplating which ingredients are local and which are imported. Each ingredient or aspect of your product may tell its own story and is all ultimately part of yours.

Something we hear often is that “we are not selling to the general public so do not advertise”.  If this is you or your company, you are missing a huge opportunity to get out and tell your brand story to your end-consumer.  Though you may sell to retailers or wholesalers, it is still crucial to generate demand from all ends.

A relatively easy way to communicate this is through social media. Last year, online advertising overtook the television advertising spend in New Zealand.  The great thing about social media is that it is relatively low-cost, you can spend as much or as little as you like.

Consumers are looking to online means to discover and research products, so your social media channels can play a big part in helping to build relationships between consumers and your brand. FMCG brands make up some of the top Facebook pages in New Zealand; after all, these are everyday products that hold a place in many hearts as well as minds.

So, how are your products made? Who are the faces behind your products? We’re not just talking your founders and immediate employees, but customers and those all through your supply chain. Be authentic and you can establish trust and loyalty in your brand with your consumers.

The Buy NZ Made Campaign provides a licence for business to use the iconic Kiwi trademark on products that are NZ Made helping to establish trust and accountability. The team are also happy to help their licensees with post or story creation for promotion on the BuyNZ channels, and can talk you through setting up social media pages to get you going. New Zealand is a small place, but has some fantastic, uncovered stories to tell.  This could include yours so contact us now and find out how we may be able to help you tell them.


*Source: Nielsen, Quarter by Numbers Q2 2017 

Article initially published in FMCG Business - February 2018