King Soup - healthier and still convenient

8 August 2016

King Soup's new Gluten Free Vegetable

With the colder months here to stay, it’s time to warm up with hearty soups and hot drinks.

In response to customer demand, and in time for winter, King Soup has added two new flavours to the King Traditional Soup Mix Range, Gluten Free Vegetable and Beef and Vegetable.

“We’ve had customers asking us to add a gluten-free variant to the range, as part of growing demand for healthier foods.  It is line priced with the rest of the range too, which makes it an affordable option, unlike many other gluten-free products on the market,” says Susan Harvey, Marketing and Brand Development Manager at Wilson Consumer Products. 

Harvey expects the new King Beef and Vegetable soup to be popular also, as a base for casserole meals, but also because New Zealanders are inherent fans of beef.

 “Last year was a significant soup season for King with sales up 21.1%*.This shows us that the brand offering is as relevant now as it always was and for such a longstanding product to experience this growth level is fantastic. It’s important we capitalise on that growth.

“Being economical, comforting and versatile it’s easy to understand why Kiwis still love King traditional soup mix. While many people enjoy these products as a soup, adding water or their own vegetables and meat, they’re also a popular, hearty base for casseroles and slow cooked meals.”

King Soup has been cooking in kiwi kitchens for more than 60 years and is still proudly made in New Zealand.

The two new King flavours are available at supermarkets nationwide - RRP $2.99For slow cook recipes visit