Kiwi claims world record at Bonneville

22 August 2016

Nissan NX 'Cookie'

Ardent flag flyer for New Zealand made products Reg Cook has taken his highly modified Nissan NX named ‘Cookie’ to a new outright land speed record for two-litre naturally aspirated cars at the Bonneville Salt Flats this week on Tuesday.

Recording their most competitive numbers ever, the Honda-powered Nissan was able to hit a terminal speed of 196.6mph, or 315kph — thus making it the fastest naturally aspirated two-litre car in the world, complete with its resplendent New Zealand Made graphics.  The overall figure is based on an average of two runs and was the second time in two days the team bettered the record. The team first topped the existing record the previous day, after recording a speed of 188.594mph on Monday afternoon local time. 

The little Nissan first set the record in 2011, but did so using a Nissan SR20DE engine. In order to pursue new records in 2016, the team swapped out the engine for a Honda unit.

Update: Catch Reg Cook talking about kiwi ingenuity and chasing land speed records at Bonneville below.