Lumps or Chunks - does it matter?

21 February 2017

Does it matter if they taste just as good and are made here in New Zealand? New Zealand is home to some great confectionery including Pineapple Chunks - who knows, they could be the next Kiwi favourite? We thought we’d take a look at some Kiwi classics and hidden treasures. Below are some sweet treats from companies who belong to the Buy NZ Made Campaign and are proudly New Zealand made.

Rainbow's Awesome Value Pineapple Chunks





Fear not, Pineapple Chunks are made here! Along with their brand ReginaRainbow Confectionery makes delicious Pineapple Chunks in Oamaru, New Zealand. They also make other Kiwi icons, such as the classic Chocky Fish. Look out for them at your local supermarket. 


Waikato Valley Chocolate





Waikato Valley Chocolates are New Zealand’s largest manufacturer of chocolate Easter products, including many novelty products and licenced Easter eggs (including Disney). All of their Waikato Valley range, including these chocolate fruit packs, are available at The Warehouse nationwide. 


Mary Gray Acid Drops and Fudge





Mary Gray offers a wide range of our favourite handmade sweets including these Acid Drops and Fudge. They make great gifts and can be purchased online.



Whittaker's Peanut Slab and Artisan Range






Family owned and operated Whittaker’s have been delighting our taste buds for decades. From the classic Peanut Slab to the recent Artisan Range, it’s all crafted here in New Zealand.  






Enjoyed by many generations, the iconic Space Man Candy Sticks are still around to enjoy, made by Carousel in New Zealand. Carousel makes other tasty treats, including Tangy Chews, Fruit Sticks and Fizzies.


Nestle NZ's Black Knight Licorice and the Heards confectionery range





Black Knight Licorice and the Heards confectionery range have been Kiwi favourites for generations and are still made proudly in New Zealand.



House of Chocolate bonbon





House of Chocolate handcraft stunning artisan chocolates in Auckland, New Zealand. These bonbons are individually crafted and include a selection of various flavours. Treat yourself or gift to another!  






Did you know the Air New Zealand lollies are made by New Zealand confectionery company Horners Confectionery? They’re nut free, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians too!