New organic bee product combination set to launch

31 May 2017

The magic of organic Manuka and the power of organic Propolis have been combined in a new lozenge for sore throat relief and as an alternative to wellness support.

TranzAlpineHoney New Zealand is set to launch new organic Manuka Honey lozenges MG400+ with Propolis. The products are organic certified by New Zealand's leading organic certification agency BIOGRO.

With GP’s now limiting prescriptions of antibiotics due to growing concerns of antibiotic resistance, people are turning to alternative solutions for cough and sore throat relief. Many are seeking what they see as natural remedies, as opposed to traditional medicines. But TranzAlpineHoney’s Manuka honey and Propolis lozenges go further than being natural - they’re organic.

Organic means that the honey’s entire production sequence is without any exposure to chemicals. And not all claims of ‘organic’ are equal either. Being certified organic by BIOGRO means regular audits and strict guidelines all regulated by government standards. “Transparency for the end user and traceability back to the beehive is very important to us”, says Yuriy Soshnikov, General Manager of TranzAlpineHoney.

Manuka honey MG400+ rating means it’s independently certified to have at least 400mg/kg of naturally occurring Methylglyoxal  - this is the component responsible for Manuka honey activity.

The new premium lozenges are the latest addition to TranzAlpineHoney’s range of organic health products which includes Propolis Throat Spray and Tincture. The company also produces and exports an extensive range of organic honey. The lozenges will be available to buy in New Zealand at TravelPharm stores and selected retailers in main centres. They will also be exported to the global marketplace through TranzAlpine Honey’s network in over 22 countries.

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