NZ Made Snuggle-Pods are 'Hip-Healthy'!

1 March 2017

Snugbags Snuggle-pod

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) in Florida USA acknowledges the Snuggle-pod as a "hip-healthy" product.

One in 20 babies born full-term have some hip instability at birth and incorrect swaddling can increase the risk of hip dysplasia. Many parents find that swaddling can provide comfort for fussy babies, but when babies are swaddled, care should be taken to swaddle properly so it allows for babies hips to develop safely and healthy. Wrapping babies too tightly or incorrectly can loosen the joints and damage the soft cartilage of the socket causing Hip Dysplasia.

​Director of the IHDI and professor of Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery University Dr. Price MD, FAAP is impressed with the Snuggle-Pods unique design which allows babies legs to fall into the 'frog-like' position providing a safe swaddle every single time:

​"There is plenty of room for the baby to kick and move the hips", according to Dr. Price. "Therefore the International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the SNUGBAGS Snuggle-Pod as a 'hip-healthy' product."

​Dr. Price says: "It is our intention to acknowledge socially conscious companies that are doing their best to provide products to promote optimum hip development. And the IHDI recognizes that SNUGBAGS has developed products that consider the importance of healthy hip development during infancy. This is especially important during the early stages of hip development in the first few months after birth.

​Owner of SNUGBAGS Kim Snel is very proud to have received the "hip-Healthy" acknowledgement. "We work very hard to provide products for parents that they can trust and know that are safe. To have the endorsement from an independent organization as the International Hip Dysplasia Institute gives us real credibility and makes us stand out from the crowd."

​"This shows that we are industry leaders in developing safe products for little ones and we are extremely proud to be the ONLY merino zip up swaddle in the whole world to have received the 'hip-healthy' acknowledgement!  Our Snuggle-Pod really takes the guess work out of swaddling so you can be sure to know that your baby is swaddled safely and securely every single time."

SNUGBAGS specializes in award-winning merino and organic cotton sleeping bags and swaddles. All garments are ethically made in New Zealand using local merino to create high quality, luxurious sleep wear that meets local and international safety standards. The result: better and safer sleep for baby and peace of mind for parents.

Snuggle Pods are currently nominated finalist in the Australian My Child Excellence Awards.