Supporting local suppliers

25 July 2016

Leading New Zealand packaging solutions specialists Pakworld is urging fellow home-grown Kiwi companies to work together make the most of the major benefits the NZ brand still has in domestic and international marketplaces.

Pakworld has been a member of the Buy NZ Made campaign for years, and Operations Director Jonathan Flett says the opportunities for New Zealand businesses right now are major ones allowing it to gain a competitive advantage over its rivals in its key major international and domestic markets.

“Obviously there are some areas were New Zealand does struggle – consumer-based electronics may be one of these areas, but in our industry there is no question we support the NZ made is best approach,” he explained.

“We have always, where we could, favoured local suppliers over international suppliers. We are all drinking from the same economic cup and it makes sense for us to try and support local business to keep profits in NZ. Beyond that there is massive potential for a collective group of companies in an international marketplace. Information sharing, cost sharing, personnel sharing could lead to a very cost effective, efficient supply channel.

“We assume that Brand NZ is well received from the feedback we get from our customers, but overall we don’t actually know. I’m sure there are potential markets in the world that have never even heard of NZ. 

Pakworld was also one of the first print packaging companies in New Zealand to receive international FSC certification – guaranteeing its products come from well-managed sustainable forests that provide wider environmental, social and economic benefits. Flett still says the country under-utilises New Zealand’s solid clean, green image and could still do more.

“In the right markets, the NZ made brand can be very useful and we use it to leverage our ideals around clean living, sustainability etc.  Anything that brings like-minded NZ companies together like the Buy NZ Made campaign has to be a smart way for us to collectively punch above or weight and indeed punch open new markets. The opportunity is there.”

Pakworld also encourages its staff at all levels to buy into the NZ Made philosophy and believes that is also a key process for any ambitious NZ company.

“The NZ made focus comes from the top and we like to think it filters down to the staff. Staff culture is key to getting buy in from the staff,” concluded Flett.