Turning the best NZ Made companies into Heroes

4 November 2016

We're set to turn some of the nation's top NZ Made companies into Heroes!

New Zealand Made Hero Award

A new initiative launched this week by the Buy New Zealand Made campaign is set to turn some of the nation's top NZ Made companies into heroes.

The new 'Heroes' campaign will highlight companies who not only do a fantastic job promoting their NZ Made status but who have also excelled in other key commercial areas.

The winning monthly Hero will receive a certificate, promotion on the Buy NZ Made website, promotion in target media, Hero artwork which they can use in their own marketing, a social media advertising voucher worth $100 to be used on the Buy NZ Made social media channels and automatic entry into the annual competition where the 12 monthly winners will be voted on by the public for the Ultimate Hero Award.

If they win that, they will receive a trophy and certificate, artwork displaying their ultimate hero status and an advertorial in a magazine of their choice (from a selection of approved magazines) that includes information about their award, Buy NZ Made and other content of their choice.

The criteria for winning are simple, but encompass all areas of the business as well as their efforts in promoting their NZ Made status. Buy NZ Made Manager Trina Snow explained:  “The Hero Awards really ask companies of any shape and size that are our members to take a good look at themselves in some key areas and ask how well they are doing in those areas. Yes, of course we want them to wave the NZ Made flag, but our criteria are a great way to take a high quality snapshot of all of the key business processes that lead to success.

“Has the company achieved increased sales and market share over the past 12 months, for example? Has it entered any new markets or won any key contracts? Do employees enjoy working at the company? Has the company introduced initiatives to secure more Kiwi employees? Is staff retention good? Is the company socially responsible? What efforts has the company made to ensure its products are environmentally friendly and sustainable? How good is the product? How has the company utilised current and changing technologies?

“And of course, how well has the company used its NZ made status and branding to enhance and improve all of these areas of commerce?”

See our Heroes here